Mirumoto, Kazuhiko

Age: 25, Sex: Male, Height: 5'9", Weight: 175 Lbs., Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown




Kazuhiko was born in the Mirumoto dynasty. A direct descendant of Mirumoto himself. He is 2nd born of twins, born moments after his sister Tatsumi. It was clear from a young age that both of the children were talented. Tatsumi with magic and Kazuhiko with the Niten style his forefather perfected.

Being 4th born to the Lord of the Dragon clan gave Kazuhiko more freedom than it did his older brothers. He was able to peruse his interests with little interference. His calm demeanor earned him respect with the Clan’s monks, his talent with blades impressed his teachers, and his expressive mind and talent for words gave him a certain charm in court at even a young age. He either seemed unaware of his ease of dealing with things or he was just that humble to not point it out. If he had rivals in the clan he was not aware of them. The only thing that he was outwardly passionate about growing up was making sure his twin sister was protected. He was the mouthpiece socially as she was a tad antisocial but being that was so close and twins Kazuhiko would be able to cover for his sister as much as he could as they were almost expected to be seen together.

Kazuhiko respects and loves his family. He looks up to both or his brothers and his father and heeds the words of his wise mother. While close to his twin sister he is also quite protective of his youngest sister Kiyoko, who has shown to be a free spirit (freer than Kazuhiko would like).

Kazuhiko’s father was not surprised when his talented twins were invited to the Hanada school. The family was honored to be sure. Lord Mirumoto was confident his children would do his clan and family proud. While expecting much her asked little of them. Kazuhiko knows his path and walks it without a doubt in his mind.

Quick history notes:

Kazuhiko is the 4th born of Lord Mirumoto, Hojatsu, and his wife Lady Akiko. A prodigy in the Niten Style of swordsmanship he was sent to the Hanada school with his Twin sister Tatsumi. There their story has begun.

Disgraced by the Gozoku controlled Emperor he was made Ronin.

After proving the plot by the Gozoku and marching on the capital with the now Empress (who defeated her usurper brother in a duel and claiming her birthright.) and his comrades, Kazuhiko reclaimed his honor and good name and entered the Emerald Championship. Proving himself and claiming victory he is now the Emerald Champion and right hand to the Empress.

Father: Lord Hojatsu (deceased)
Mother: Akiko
Eldest Brother: Lord Nobo
2nd born brother: Yoshiru (given up title and has become a monk)
Twin Sister 3rd born: Tatsumi
Youngest sister: Kiyoko

Formally married to Shiba, Miyuki- Phoenix clan Void Shugenjia

Mirumoto, Kazuhiko

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