Yasuki Kiyomi

16, 5'2". Black Hair, Brown eyes, delicate. Dangerous Beauty


Yasuki Kiyomi is the third daughter of the Yasuki family. At a young age, she proved to be a tomboy, and not delicate like her sisters. Because of this, she was fostered out to her Uncle, and then, from him, to the Hida crab school. Her Uncle’s trade business focused mostly on trade between the Crane and Crab clans, and when he was offered a position within the clan, permanently, he took it.

The Hida found Kiyomi a good fit for their school, but she showed an aptitude they were not willing to let go of. So, she went to the Hanada Dojo two years later than she should have. She is well known for being Brash, for starting arguments just to hear the fight, and for being able to drink almost anyone: male or female, under the table. Many people feel they know her, although the truth is, they only know what she allows them to see. The outspoken samurai who will pay for her mouth one day.


Yasuki Kiyomi

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