Mirumoto Tatsumi

Weight: 75lb, height: 4'10", hair: black, eyes: deep brown


Tatsumi is the 3rd born of the Mirumoto family, twin of Kazuhiko. Her father is a daimyo of the Dragon Clan.

It was almost a surprise when Tatsumi was born because she was so tiny. And for awhile they feared she wouldn’t survive. It was the will of a small fire dragon kami that took to the baby and kept her living as while her body was small, her spirit was strong.

Unfortunately for Tatsumi, her growth was stunted and she was always smaller than anyone around her. It caused other to take her less seriously as she reached her age to become a samurai. In some cases, it was accidental…and with some children, it was on purpose. So the princess often found herself at the temple and speaking to the priests, monks and patrons. It was the little kami and her brother that offered the most comfort and sense of belonging.

Mirumoto Tatsumi

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