Kakita Hikari

Age: 19 Height: 5'1" Hair: White Eyes: Blue-Violet


The only child of reknowned painter Kakita Motoki and his wife Doji Kaen. Hikari was presented at court at the age of 10 after the daimyo demanded to meet “the girl in the painting” that Motoki had presented to him.

While it is her grace and eloquence which are most remarked upon, Hikari wishes nothing more than to be known for her paintings. It is her wish to make her father proud of her artistic endeavors and she pursues her artistry with utmost dedication.

She is quite the talented dancer, and incorporates her bladed fans into her dancing, though her techniques have yet to see battle. She has performed on several occasions for the daimyo’s court and to his delight.

Having been presented at such a young age at court, Hikari tends to have a decent grasp on courtly etiquette more so than most her age, with the exception of those born into court. Though her artistic perspective often allows her to pick up on the subtler shades of intrigue. Had she not shown an innate talent with air kami, she would have been sent to the Doji Courtier School. However, her father saw that she would have not been content with such a life, and accepted her invitation to the Hanada school, sending her there instead.

Kakita Hikari

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