Daidoji Kabe

Age: 16, Sex: Male, Height: 6'4", Weight: 237 Lbs., Hair: White, Eyes: Blue


None have discussed why a party of highly trained Samurai were sent deep into the Shadowlands to retrieve Doji Hitomi after her kidnapping, nor what transpired within, such that only she and one other escaped to the walls alive.

What is known is she returned to her lands with child, and that child was born to be known as Kabe, the Rokugani word for Wall, he is told in honor of his father. He has discovered his heritage is clearly that of both Crane and Crab, and that his conception took place on “The Other Side” of the wall.

At a young age it was assumed due to his size he would not be fit for the courts and as such he was sent to be fostered within the Daidoji to become an Iron Warrior. Truth be told, he was perfectly capable of being in the courts should that have been his destiny. With the obvious blessings of the birthrights of his father, and the less obvious but more capable ones of his mother, Kabe sets himself to each task as they present themselves; with an eye to completion without seeking things beyond today, for as a Samurai, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Mother: Doji Hitomi
Father: Undisclosed to date
Sister: Shiba Miyuki
Birth Name: Doji Yama
Adult Name: Daidoji Kabe
Born: Spring 362
Mother: Doji Hitomi
Father: Hida Ichiro

Kabe was born nine months to the day after his conception, though where that took place is truly only known to his mother and father, which is to say during the rescue of Doji Hitomi, when only she and Hida Ichiro remained alive, they lay together for a single night. The question is, on which side of the wall were they at the time.

When Doji Hitomi was found to be of sound mind and returned to the Imperial City, Hida Ichiro did not join her. Perhaps he was tasked elsewhere, one can never truly say, but what is known is he left with Doji Hitomi the katana which had defended her through their escape of the Shadowlands, and years later that blade, a Kaiu Blade, was given to Daidoji Kabe as he came of age.

Kabe was raised with his sister Miyuki for a handful of years and they were close as could be for his age. He remembers vividly their times playing, training, learning and the like. He remembers how she would often be detached sometimes, watching the leaves or speaking to the air. Mother said it was because she could hear the Kami. Kabe even at a young age had grown quickly and soon had taken a light guardianship with his older sister. When she would slip into “speaking with the Kami” he would “stand watch” over to her to be sure she was well.

Given Kabe’s size he was trained early in Kenjutsu and Jiujutsu as well as the other basic skills that would be requires of him as he grew older. It was clear to his mother that he would need to be a Bushi as “While a mountain does not move, it also doesn’t do to stand out in Court” and so his time to become a courtier like her ended before it even began.

Kabe also remembers the day when the Phoenix came for his sister. The specifics eluded him but he remembers the day she first touched the Void, as she walked all the way into a lake without stopping to breathe. Had he not dove in and dragged her out she likely would have drown but he thought nothing of the act. Only that she was speaking with the Kami and couldn’t see the lake. When she was out he found their mother there speaking with a Phoenix Shugeja of some rank and the next day Miyuki was sent off to foster within the Phoenix.

When Kabe asked why it had happened his mother simply told him that Honor dictated that an agreement be upheld, and her word and honor required it to be so. From that day forth Kabe accepted that ones honor and Word must be without reproach as it was enough for his mother to give her daughter to another Clan without so much as a tear publicly. While he was sure she wept in private her command of the Crane Face was exemplary.

A few years later as Kabe had outgrown another Kimono, his mother advised him that he would be traveling to train and Foster with the Daidoji. When he asked why he had to leave she simply said it was where he was meant to be, where he would best learn Courage and Humility and in time he may return to the Doji if it was right to do so.

The next day Kabe was sent to the Daidoji and she was most certainly not wrong. Kabe did not know much about his mothers history, though he knew her station as a Courtier in the Imperial City he didn’t know how that would reflect on him in training. He learned quickly that it would reflect on him poorly. As highly as she was regarded, he was treated that lowly in all things. Perhaps it was rivals of hers who caught wind of his training there, or someone who felt to have a Doji lowered to join the Daidoji was an insult to their family. Whichever the case Kabe was treated just above the acceptable line of treatment.

Kabe’s Gempukku was attended by no member of the Doji family and was very unceremonious. The only part which was out of the ordinary was the delivery and bequeathing of a new katana to him from a messenger from his mother. He thought it was a nice gesture until he opened it and saw it was a katana of the Crab. He did not know its significance but as it was a gift of his coming of age he wore it as was required. The ridicule heightened from that day on and many a night was spent explaining to superior officers why he had knocked out a handful of other samurai in a fight defending himself.

Kabe worked harder than anything or anyone to uphold the tenets of Bushido, believing that they would guide him through his dark days, the ridicule and tortures he was under. If nothing else he would someday at least be assigned to a unit that would give him an opportunity to fight and die for his Clan and Daimyo rather than baste in the mocking of others.

Shortly after he was assigned to the Daidoji Iron Warriors full time though he was set to the least glorious assignments, always left until the end of duty roster, and nothing truly changed. though the truth was while socially he would never fight, when a weapon was in his hand after a few sparring matches none in his unit or many other units would fight him or even spar with him. He was literally head and shoulders above everyone else and it was noticed by his superiors though he never said a word, instead taking whatever task was set before him and doing it well. Most thought he was simply kissing their ass but in fact it was because Bushido demanded it, and because it took his mind off of the ridicule. If he was going to shovel shit, he would be the best shit shoveler there was, and none would ever be able to argue it, all they would even have is social scorn which when a blade was drawn meant nothing, and none dared to draw a blade with him.

Words are just words. Live Bushido, Be Bushido and the rest will take care of itself.

A year later he was informed he would be moving to some Dojo at the request of his commanding officer. Without another word he simply packed and left. Whatever the Hanada Dojo was it didn’t matter. His course was set and nothing that was there would change who he was. Whether they, his mother, or anyone else liked it or not…

Daidoji Kabe

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